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In an expanded context of a postmodern electronic revolution and on the verge of classical music, this extremely active artist combines modern classical minimalist composition with post-rock elements, creating an emotional and rich in color effect.

A little and discreet lighting, accompanied by musical instruments to take us on a great cinematic journey. I can’t hide from you that I got lost enough in its melodies, since the atmosphere it created left a sweet feeling.

Andrew stands as one of the most promising personalities on the contemporary music scene in Greece, with innovative work as a performer, composer, pianist, production manager and collaborator.

From minimalism, keyboards and synthesizers to a string orchestra, Andrew’s groundbreaking work includes complete solo piano works, ballet suites, concert-hall performances, video-art installations, film and theatre works. He is classically trained, studying at Department of Music Studies, University of Ioannina.

His influences, from the classical and romantic music scene and the wave of minimalism to the British alternative scene, combined with his studies in classical piano, composition, singing and his theater experience, give him a special place among the young Greek contemporary creators. His music is described as minimalist, alt-classical, ambient and contemporary.

Musically Αndreas has collaborated with a host of artists from the field of music and theater including Vasilis Nikolaidis, Stavros Papastavrou, Lina Dimopoulou among others and organizations such as the Municipal Theater of Patras, Michael Cacoyannis Foundation, Faust Theater, Theater Lithografeion, the Municipal and Regional Theater of Agrinio, Athenaeum International Art Center, Six Dogs Athens and the Cultural Organization of the Municipality of Patras. His works have been presented in various concert venues over the last 10 years.

Music for a film, Andrew’s 2012 debut work his much acclaimed first work, premiered at his hometown in 2012 as a piano work, and at the Michael Cacoyannis Foundation in March 2014. Andrew’s second large scale work is “Les Oiseaux sont dans les Ciel” (ballet suites) for string orchestra, choir, bouzouki, mandolin and soloists. Pieces of the project were presented on the Nymph Hill in the historic center of Athens in collaboration with the Athens Observatory and the Apollo Theater of Patras.

Andrew’s latest commission is to redefine his music through study and observation and to compile into a new collection the “Anthology of his hidden songs”. His latest work, “Les Oiseaux sont dans le ciel”, will be released in 2023.