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Music for a film – 2012

Andreas’s first work, “Music for a film”, is his most confessing and susceptible work to date. It was presented in Athens at the Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation in 2014 and in his hometown in 2012. It concerns an orchestral piece dedicated to the creation of life. It consists of 7 original soundtracks and was written for a hypothetical film.

A few words about the piece: Repeated motive. It reflects the time, the implacable and hopeful time which goes by unceasingly, leaving behind the old and giving its place to the new.

The perfect cadence – Step V I. The sequence of chords at the end of a musical phrase or a musical piece, in the particular form, consists in the perfect cadence.

The perfect cadence is about the man who subordinates his expectations. The man who obeys the laws of the modern and liberal society. The perfect cadence is imprisoned between two green eyes (ojos verdes).